Q&A: Ben Hayes [Independent]


“After a certain amount of repetition, even a rhythm that sits completely outside of conventional subdivisions starts to groove…”

There’s a lot to be said about the work of south-east London producer Ben Hayes. With roots in Jazz and a passion for Hip Hop feeding his sizzling off-kilter beats, his sounds straddle the delicately introspective and the indulgently heavy in a way that defies well-worn cliché. His new self-released EP Hedonia showcases exactly this, asymmetrical rhythms underpinning a menagerie of fierce swells and gentle organic textures.

In this latest Soniscope Q&A session, Ben talks about the ideas that fuelled Hedonia, the creative SE London scene of which he is an intrinsic part, as well as some of his more leftfield production techniques…

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TRACK: Ekoda Map – Pastels

Though it has graced the internet-tubes of SoundCloud for around a year or so already, Ekoda Map‘s track Pastels has just received the release treatment courtesy of Abandon Building Records. After a delicate lead-in, the UK producer releases a surge of warm noise that crackles and swells its way through hectic percussion. Definitely a track that makes hairs bristle on the back of your neck.

If you enjoy this hefty mother of a tune, be sure to check out the Escaping Animals and Shinamo Moki remixes, which illuminate the intricacies of Pastels through scintillating flourishes of gentle detail.

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Guest Mix #005 – Once In A Blue Moon Special: The Sound of Futures Past

Hola! It’s been a while. Soniscope has been in hibernation and it’s time to wake up. And what better way to stir and rise, than to the chorus of experimental electronic beats? Yeah, thought so!

I’m proud to present the fifth in the Guest Mix series, a special edition to kick-start Soniscope back in to life courtesy of Once In A Blue Moon Radio. The hour-long vinyl-based mix is borne from the idea of electronic music constantly redefining the frontiers of sound – right from it’s conceptual days through to the modern production technique.

#005 travels through forty years of electronic sound, the sound of the future as perceived throughout history or – more succinctly – the sound of futures past. OIABM doesn’t only pull sounds from different decades but from many world regions too, in an eclectic selection of renowned tracks and obscure delights that couldn’t reflect the ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ ethos any clearer.

To give you a little context, Once In A Blue Moon is a UK-based festival café/venue, who draw influence from every corner of the globe for their delicious food (trust me, I’ve tried it – the Brazilian cheese toasties are to die for). The diverse performance/workshop lineups and its warm & colourful motley decor (think Morocco meets Bolivia) make it among the most unique festival spaces I’ve ever had the chance to visit.

If you manage to head to any of the festivals that they’re at this year – some of which being No Man’s Land, Balter Festival and Gearfest – then definitely take some time to visit Once In A Blue Moon Café, grab a few Pão de Queijo and soak up the plentiful positive vibes. Until then, for your listening pleasure, here is Guest Mix #005 – OIABM Special: The Sound of Futures Past (full tracklist to follow shortly).


Pulshar – Nospheratu
Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Pt. 4
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – The Invisible Swordsman
Trentemøller – Snowflake
Non Place Urban Field – Unireverse
Photek – Azymuth
Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)
ASC – Esper
Plaid – Cost III
Heatsick – Mimosa
Max Cooper – Enveloped

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REVIEW: Telemachus – In Morocco


Deeply evocative transcendental sounds that transport you away to desert climes

On travelling through and within other cultures, most people choose to capture their experience of the place through visual means, with inevitable crowing on social media. Not when you’re a producer. On travelling from London to the coastal Moroccan village of Mirleft to ride waves and craft beats, Telemachus has put together a rich and engaging album that doesn’t just draw from the experience – it transports you there.

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Guest Mix #004 – Saxsyndrum

While much of the Northern hemisphere slows down to a steady snore (or perhaps a gluttonous burp) around these couple of weeks, here’s an exclusive winter treat – an Xmas present from Montréal Canada to warm your ears!

David Switchenko and Nick Schofield of Sax/Synth/Drum outfit Saxsyndrum have been hard at work piecing together the latest Soniscope guest mix, a special edition in which they showcase some of the finest underground electronic and alternative music talent in their fair city.

They’re a tight-knit bunch of folk who collaborate, remix and generally get inventive with sound – just one reason why you should listen to Fairground: Future Circus Remixed, where many of them chop, change and subvert the duo’s creative take on music production. To quote ‘Switch’ himself, “we wanted to put something together that featured musicians who were close to us… For us, this is more than a mix of music; it’s a soundscape that portrays our day-to-day lives as musicians toiling our time away in venues, lofts, apartments and neighbourhoods in Montreal.”

So, without further ado, here is Saxsyndrum‘s tidy 50 minute listen. This bad boy will keep you well engaged and, hopefully, should bulk up your album wishlist as well. Merry Xmas!


Bazarian – Castle on a Cloud
Sea Oleena – If I’m (L Ron Remix)
Saxsyndrum – Maceonectar
Saxsyndrum – Witchkraft (How Sad Remix)
Jarryd Torff (a.k.a. CYRUS) – Hold
Smileswithteeth – Roomies
Johnny_Ripper – Bleu
Blue Hawaii – Get Happy (bleu edit)
Slight – Tasting
Foxtrott – Heads Under Water
Hua Li 化力 – Voodoo (¡FLIST! Remix feat. Rich Uncle Skelleton)
Stephon Alexander & Rioux – Ground State
Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns (Oh So Slow Version)

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Q&A: Kidkanevil [Project Mooncircle // Flau Records]

“I think it’s important to be inspired by a place and culture in the right way, with respect and honesty and curiosity”

It’s arguable that a person’s roots aren’t explicitly tied to the physical time and place in which they grew up. Globalisation allows the pervasion of culture through entertainment, and oftentimes it’s our experience of this  – along with a vast range of other factors – that shape who we are.

Yorkshire-born London-based producer Kidkanevil is a prime example of this rather crudely made point. Since the tender age of sixteen, he’s busied himself by experimenting with beats – spurred by the creativity in his family, a passion for hip hop and, of course, his life-long relationship with the land of the rising sun, as experienced through the many windows that popular culture can afford.

Since the release of My Little Ghost earlier this year to great critical acclaim, Kidkanevil has been hard at work playing with sounds, travelling to/from Tokyo, collaborating on new releases and generally honing his craft. More importantly, he’s been hard at work answering the questions I decided to throw his way last weekend…

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TRACK: Saxsyndrum – Maceonectar (Johnny Ripper Remix)

With the days short as they are and the cold creeping in to chill bones indiscriminately, tracks like Saxsyndrum‘s Maceonectar provide a necessary warmth. The beautiful piece (from SXD_EP out via Art Not Love) came about from a seemingly uncomplicated concept. It’s put together using saxophone samples, captured and reconstructed by drummer Nick Schofield and saxophonist Dave Switchenko – the instrument fuelling the track’s organic air through its rich and distinct timbres.

Step up serial remixer and fellow Montréal sound-sculptist Johnny Ripper, who incidentally topped Chapelier Fou’s recent Tea Tea Tea remix competition. As part of an upcoming remix-centric release, he adds tonal synths and kick drums into the mix – augmenting Maceonectar‘s depth without detracting from the original composition. With driving thumps atop subdued saxophonic samples, the piece becomes an uplifting glow of staccato sounds – a quality that anyone familiar with his work will recognise.

Stream the Johnny Ripper remix of Saxsyndrum‘s Maceonectar below and stay tuned for news of the release…

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