COMPETITION: Win 2 tickets to see The Gaslamp Killer & pals in London


TWO tickets are up for grabs to see The Gaslamp Killer, Free The Robots, Lapalux and Lost Midas in London. Plus a nice pint in the pub beforehand.


It’s competition time here at Soniscope, and there’s a beast of a treat in store for anyone wanting to get involved!

There’s an epic gig coming up, and now’s your chance to come along for free! An incredible beat-heavy sweatfest as soundtracked by The Gaslamp Killer, Free The Robots, Lapalux AND Lost Midas, which is set to go off at the Oval Space in London on Saturday October 4th. Make sure you can attend before entering the competition! More info on the event can be found here.

Also, please make sure you’re over 18 before entering, as the organisers will be IDing anyone who looks underage and I don’t want to get into any trouble. I also want to buy the winner a congratulatory drink beforehand, so there’s that too.

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Inbox Favourites #002

Inbox Favourites #002

There’s been a lot more variety in sound submitted through the wires to Soniscope over the last week. Each of the top tracks featured are unique in their own way and completely different from one another – one being a different media type entirely!

From here on in, this will be a bi-weekly feature – much like the Video Showcase – to allow for as many options and as much diversity as possible. For now, here’s some tasty music (with a little SoundCloud playlist available from here for good measure)

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Inbox Favourites #001

Inbox Favourites #001

To make up for a poor August in terms of responding to and featuring music requests, I have made it my mission to feature as many new tracks and underground artists as possible from here on out.

Inbox Favourites will showcase between five and ten of the finest tunes that have graced the Soniscope inbox (submitted via the contact form OR directly via email) over the course of each week.

I hope through doing this that I can encourage as many producers as possible to get in touch with their work, so they can receive the exposure it deserves. I’ve also thrown each featured track into a SoundCloud playlist, available from here.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

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Guest Mix #002 – Imri Cohen // Memory In Plant

The first experience I ever had with the anarchic Israeli trio Memory In Plant was through their captivating and downright category-defying release of Eyes Up. Their work is a prime example of leftfield genre/culture-bending music, spanning both analogue and digital technique. As such, I’m excited to share the second in the Soniscope Guest Mix series, curated by one third of the band – Imri Cohen.

In this installment, Cohen showcases some of the finest musical talent from the burgeoning Israeli indie/electronic scene, including plenty of artists from his hometown of Tel Aviv. It’s a real variety, but the tracks are connected through their shared experimental aesthetic. Engaging, insightful, downright unusual and fully streamable below, this is Soniscope Guest Mix #002. Enjoy.


Ori – Pulse
Rani Megiddo – Human Race
Tesha – Sheer Light
Rotem Or and Denis Spiridonov – Patti Smith
Katrin Lasko – Shelter
Joove – Time To Not To
Kids Fly – Peeling The Ceiling
Ofer Hauptman – Schizophrenia
SaRaï – Minder.S
Gilad Kahana – Alone With a Bone
Ori – Half Human

Check out Memory In Plant via…

Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud BandCamp | YouTube | Tumblr

For the record, Memory In Plant have just released their first album, An Epic Triumph. A fitting name, for it is just that. With no current label backing too, it’s entirely down to us, the listeners, to support their work. The release is set to ‘Name Your Price’ but if you love what you hear, which I know I do, then please sling a few pennies their way.

[Download Memory In Plant's debut release here]

REVIEW: Miami Mais – A Popcorn Diet EP

Miami Mais - A Popcorn Diet EP - Album Cover

How do you like your popcorn?
If you like it musical, you’re in for a treat.

From Activia Benz, a label renowned for its tongue-in-cheek attitude, a happy-go-lucky approach in life and for releasing their last album along with an exclusive beach towel, comes an absolute belter. As with many contemporary cultural pieces, Miami Mais‘ A Popcorn Diet EP is a creative hash of existing sounds, styles and samples, all freshly arranged and decidedly moreish.

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TRACK: Saint Pepsi – Fall Harder (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)

At the start of the second week in August, Saint Pepsi‘s released new single Fiona Coyne on 7″ wax via Carpark Records. The b-side, Fall Harder, is a vaporwave-fuelled foray into power-ballad territory, with Saint Pepsi himself describing it as exploring the “connections between nostalgia and narcissism”.

Just over two weeks on, it transpires that Brooklyn producer Ricky Eat Acid has been busy deconstructing and reworking the track — and he does so with aplomb. He creates an illusion of manifold tempos through upwards pitch-shifting of vocals set against gentle chillwave beats – in the beginning, at least. The piece nods to many contemporary genres throughout its course, including trap, j-pop and perhaps even chiptune.

By dissecting the original and experimenting with its core elements, Ricky Eat Acid creates space that would otherwise be a constant warm deluge of upbeat indie-pop, adding to it a semilucent haze-like quality. Stream Ricky Eat Acid‘s version below, as well as the original Saint Pepsi piece for reference:

Check out Ricky Eat Acid via…

Twitter Facebook | SoundCloud | BandCamp | Tumblr

Check out Saint Pepsi via…

Twitter Facebook | SoundCloud | BandCamp | Tumblr