VIDEO: Nozinja – Tsekeleke

The third track from John Wizards’ self titled album (Limpop, check it out!) was the catalyst that set my discovery of Shangaan Electro (and Richard Nozinja himself) in motion. Ever since my interest was piqued, I’ve avidly been following both Nozinja himself and the artists releasing via his label Nozinja Music.

Imagine my excitement then, when I saw that Warp Records had recruited him into their eclectic ranks of forward-thinking producers. Fitting, of course, for a man credited with creating a sound as futuristic, unique and downright weird as Shangaan Electro — an “Afro-futurist strain of electronic dance music combining kwaito, Tsonga disco, South African house and local folk traditions”.

His first release since signing with Warp is the video for Tsekeleke, a beautifully intense piece that looks set to be featured on an upcoming 12” due out later this year. Directed by Chris Saunders in South Africa, Tsekeleke features the dizzyingly fast pace we’ve come to expect from this pioneering style (Shangaan Electro can sometimes hit in excess of 185BPM). To accompany it, the track features high-pitched vocals and colourful bursts of glitched energetic synths – a facet aptly reflected in the video itself.

This is a great start for Nozinja in his time with Warp Records, and I’m sure I’m not the only person awaiting his next release with bated breath. If you want to see him live on his European tour, his website lists all upcoming dates (linked here & below). Until then, check this:

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TRACK: Four Tet – TEXT022 (Maribou State Edit)

The two lovely fellows that comprise Maribou State are no strangers to overclocking readily excellent tunes – this remix of Fatboy Slim‘s Praise You being a prime example – but with Four Tet‘s TEXT022 (or ‘The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room’ if you prefer), the duo have done themselves particularly proud.

The intense chanting of the original makes a necessary reappearance, along with a driving house rhythm. The thick bass synths create deep & vivid textures as breathy background noises reflect the track’s fierce energy.

Having been a little disappointed in Four Tet‘s most recent LP release when it first came out, Maribou State‘s edit of an old(ish) track has reignited my appetite for Hebden’s sounds and now as I listen to it, Parallel Jalebi is growing on me – though it might take a little while longer for Kool FM to do the same.

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VIDEO: Sculpture – Polymorphic Operator

In a bit of a rush this evening (sadly), so just thought it pertinent to quickly share a killer new video from Sculpture, the same duo responsible for this audio-visual treat. Although it clocks in at a mere 100 second, the hypnotic glitch-laden Mandelbrot fractals and the nauseating drones of bass and synth certainly leave a lasting neurological impression. So without further ado check this, and have yourselves a merry little weekend:

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TRACK: Chesslo Junior – Hyroglyph

London-based electronic producer Chesslo Junior has a wide-ranging selection of tracks and projects to his name. An instrumental addition to creative label Wotnot Music  along with the likes of Deft and Sinna (among many others), Chesslo’s work veers towards the abstract and genre-bending.

It comes as great news then that Long Hum (his first ever release on vinyl) will be through DRUT - a label founded by none other than Kelpe just last year. Opening track Hyroglyph is a portent of great things as well. In it, Chesslo creates a multidimensional audio experience; industrial percussion and glowing swells swim around the ears, both disorienting and wonky. Throughout the track, you can hear subtle vox that sounds as if a lonely robot is crying out, trapped at the bottom of a deep steel-sided well. The smallest details often create the wildest imagery, it seems.

The rest of the album, from what I’ve heard in the preview (here), features meticulously composed tracks that stick true to Chesslo’s experimental tendencies — even with a standard 4/4 house tempo in place. You can pre-order Long Hum from BandCamp right away, with the vinyl due for distribution on May 5th and a digital release soon to follow on May 19th.

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VIDEO: Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn

Kaleidoscopic elements of sound and vision galore in this video for Siamese Burn by Alphabets Heaven.

Another member of the King Deluxe crew (this is starting to become a running joke now, honestly..), the Brighton-based producer chops together diverse samples all bound together through rich layers of fractured organic noise (think field recordings of birds and water).

Siamese Burn features deep & mellow kicks along with an unpredictable scattering of clicks and claps – common facets of Alphabets Heaven‘s work. Oscillating liquid synths fuse with the warm bass, cultivating an atmosphere of submersion.

The video is the work of Holland-based 3D visual artist Joren van Suylekom, along with Tim Kempees, John Buise and Coen Deurloo. It is a piece as deep, surreal and cavernous as the track it accompanies.

Siamese Burn is the title and opening track from Alphabet Heaven‘s second EP, released just over a year ago. To say the whole piece is intriguing would be a gross understatement; The EP overflows with an abundance of ornate sonic fragments that both massage and challenge the brain. Impressive stuff.

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SPOTLIGHT: Iglooghost

Sounds like those of Iglooghost are one of the many reasons why having ears is excellent. After discovering a rich seam of his beats on offer through a chance SoundCloud repost a few weeks back, I’ve since found myself completely hooked.

Iglooghost has released a number of tracks through forward-thinking label Error Broadcast (Shlomo, Pixelord) including his latest –a short & sweet album called Treetops that came out on Jan 27. When he isn’t producing, he’s busy graphic-designing as Seamus Mallaigh; all art for his singles and otherwise is his own. This, coupled with his multiple cassette releases, gives his work a proper DIY feel. Oh, and did I mention he’s only seventeen?

His sounds seem like they’re straight-up from the LA beat scene – BRAINFEEDER founder FlyLo has been cited as a source of influence in the past – but Iglooghost isn’t from LA. He’s from a small town in the UK called Shaftesbury, and he’s set to be the biggest thing to come out of there since that actor Robert Newton who played Bill Sykes in 1948’s Oliver Twist (thanks Wikipedia).

Iglooghost’s sunny glitch-hop tunes are lively and raw, a wicked blend of heavy hip-hop rhythms and sparkling melodies infused with a rich & crackling psychedelic glitchiness. His compositions are tight, crunchy and delicious – much like a vacuum-sealed braeburn apple. It’s so good for the soul in fact that, to keep this braeburn apple analogy going, it should definitely count towards your five-a-day. Or seven-a-day. Or twelve, whatever it is now. Anyway, check this out – the opening track is to-die-for.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough for you, have a goosey gander at this remix he did - a supercharged kaleidoscopic re-visioning of Wiley‘s original grimetastic track Flying, filled with his signature electronic goodness – and quality visuals to match, courtesy of RUFFMERCY.

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Check out this exclusive interview & mix combo he did for Province too, if you fancy a wee bit more reading/listening/what-have-you.

TRACK: Julien Mier – Vanished

Sharing another track from a King Deluxe artist might seem like a lazy option having featured them so many times in the past, but today it was simply unavoidable. In Julien Mier‘s latest, a previously unreleased single called Vanished, he creates cosmic panoramas through bright minimalist sound.

As you listen, it takes you on a transcendental journey through time and space. Twinkling arpeggios of crystalline synth weave in and out of one other, gently bound together with dulcet beats. No element of the track overpowers it’s neighbours; each sound is complimentary to everything adjacent, creating a remarkable piece of music that has, admittedly, been on repeat for a long, long time.

Vanished is a delicate and scintillating track that further strengthens Mier’s distinction as a beat-crafting artisan. Little else needs to be said really – his music really does speak for itself…

Here’s a little bit I wrote about Julien Mier‘s video for Super Tropic Tramp last November too.

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