Norberg Festival


Norberg, Sweden: July 24-26th 2014

I’m no stranger to festivals. This year alone I’m headed to six in the UK, but I’ve yet to pop my international festival cherry. For most people, this involves a trip down to temperate Croatian climes for Dimensions or Outlook, or to the sun-soaked week-long party of Benicàssim – though how you can survive in a tent in either of those places is a mystery to me.

No, for my first international festival experience, I want to journey on up to Sweden. Specifically, to NORBERGFESTIVAL. The lineup for its fifteenth year features a wealth of talented producers, whose work spans heavy techno right through to ambient/experimental electronica (short playlist linked below). Eomac, one half of Lakker (covered here) is set to showcase his work alongside the likes of Ancient MethodsRob Clouth, Holly Hernanden (as one half of duo K回iro) and a whole load more.

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REVIEW: Wolke – All The Pictures Will Be Gone

Wolke - All The Pictures Will Be Gone

A glimmering and spacious début LP from Wolke,
who takes you by the hand on an intimate sonic journey.

To continue with my love affair with Abandon Building Records – given the three to four posts on artists associated with them - I’d like to draw deserved attention to the work of Fabrizio Cacciamali,  who produces under the moniker Wolke.

His recently released début album (All The Pictures Will Be Gone), is a piece steeped in warm nostalgia, resplendent with intricate detail and an infatuating charm. In it, he blends calm ambiance with restless movement, perhaps reflecting those little pockets of reflective sanctuary in our hectic modern lives.

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Guest Mix #001 – Weaver Beats

For the first ever guest mix, marking the first ever anniversary of Soniscope, I’m proud to present this punchy 25 minute guest mix from none other than Weaver Beats of the mighty Top Cats crew — and what a mix to start the series off! A well curated selection of tracks that showcases some of the finest forward-thinking tunes about.

There isn’t much more to say than that really, so without further ado, here it is! Enjoy!


Tokyo Rose – Echose (Synkro remix)
XXYYXX – Stupid Computer
Flying Lotus – Anything
Mr.mph – Team supreme vol.116
Lowend & Josh Pan – Rose
Mr.Carmack – Old Beat
Twistyknobs – Ghost
Weaver Beats – Wizards (instrumental)
Esta – Sea of Desire
Scuba – Process part 195
Hatti Vatti – Treasures
Djemba Djemba – I just go (Falcons remix)
Flume – Warm Thoughts

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Abandon Building Records is a label fast becoming synonymous with quality experimental sound. They represent artists from all over the globe, including Koloto, SpazzkidRachael Boyd and Set in Sand - all of whom are renowned for the complexity of detail in their compositions.

Brighton-based producer Simon Kealoha – better known as Calika - is due to recieve the ABR stamp on his sonic passport, which is what initially piqued my interest in his work. He has released an EP and various remixes through Bad Panda Records, as well as other EPs through Audiobulb and Highpoint Lowlife. His next release, titled Blelly, is out via ABR this coming August.

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Video Showcase #005

Calika - Blelly - Video Still (Persistent Peril)

Soniscope Video Showcase #005 is here! And what an eclectic electric blend we have in store for you this week. Aqueous excellence, cultural adventures, animated terraforming and some pretty weird choreography on the visual front, while from a sonic perspective we’ve got surf-bass, jungle-beats, layered violins and some amazingly expansive soundscapes. Get stuck in!

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SPOTLIGHT: Memory In Plant

Contemporary Israeli musicians have put forward some seriously high-caliber avant-garde pieces over the past year. On this blog alone, I’ve featured the hypnotically twinkling yet sombre notes of Helfer, as well as the ever brilliant Garden City Movement who played a set at Glastonbury earlier this summer.

I’ve also discovered JoovE, an electronic duo from Haifa who produce spacious sound from minimal elements. None of this, however, could prepare me for what Chen, Yehiel and Imri of Memory In Plant have produced. ‘Offbeat’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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TRACK: Fear Club – Nelly

Parisian DJ Fear Club has released a slew of tracks and mixes over the last year, Nelly being the latest. The track seems to take inspiration from its namesake, manifesting as an impressionist reworking of classic R&B. It’s just as sultry and slow-paced, with little percussive flourishes that lend extra movement to the rhythm. The fluid vocals, chopped and tweaked beyond any semblance of their former state, smoothly worm their way into the fore and add freshness to an otherwise mellow piece.

The lovely folks at Filthy Fortune Records (a subsidiary of Modern Filth) are backing this single, which is available to download for free from this link right here. It’s slightly deeper and perhaps more mature than his older ‘dreampop’ tracks, but no less enjoyable. Check it!

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