With an alias like Booddha, it’s only right that your music is pretty Zen. Self-described as “danceable sleepmusic”, he’s shifted from future-garage roots (see Intense/Never Expected below) towards a more Gold Panda-esque fusion of house beats and ethnic sampling. The music, however, remains as detailed as ever.

Like many Dutch producers featured on Soniscope, (Julien Mier, Generate and Marsman, for example), Booddha‘s work isn’t short of intricacies. In a similar vein to label-mate Pascäal, whose SoundCloud reposting was the source of this find, Booddha‘s tracks are meticulously composed and every frequency receives the full treatment. Amidst catchy head-nodding bass – often percussive kicks – an abundance of soothing sounds trickle gently into the eardrums to feed the growing smile on your face.

In his latest piece, Lonely LoverBooddha pieces together eastern sounds and adds ebbing celestial vocal samples.Velveteen layers of plucked string – from guitar to sitar – form the rest of the track and create a comforting warmth. This release precedes that of his upcoming Past Perfect EP, out next week via Dutch record label Vresh – also his first venture onto wax. If you preorder now from the Vresh BandCamp page, you’re in for an immediate discounted double-track-download treat. You’ll probably also forget that you’ve ordered it and be pleasantly surprised when it turns up in the post. That’s what always happens to me, anyway.

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TRACK: Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses

There’s nothing more satisfying than a track so aptly named, you hardly need to write anything else about it. Ocean Floor Kisses from Danish producer Galimatias is just that.

It’s like he’s submerged an R&B track, injected some seedy funk grooves and blended it with contemporary synth techniques, forming a twisted & sensual hi-spec underwater level soundtrack. Though oceanic comparisons can conjure imagery of cold darkness and suppression, Ocean Floor Kisses is anything but. The sounds have a viscous, blanketing glow to them, which isn’t just confined to this track either.

An enveloping warmth characterises much of Galimatias work – particularly in his collaborative efforts with vocalist Alina Baraz, whose comforting ethereal tones threaten to tow you right under. Listen to Ocean Floor Kisses and a few of their joint pieces below.

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SPOTLIGHT: Escaping Animals

Seeing as there has been such minimal activity for a while, I fancied the challenge of writing a spotlight post on an artist that I can hardly find any information about on the internet. Except that he/she/they are from Melbourne. And that they have ties to London-based favourite Abandon Building Records. And that their alias is Escaping Animals. And that their music is pretty much ear nectar.

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TRACK: Kiasmos – Burnt

This piece been up on the internet for a good week now, but in case you haven’t heard about it yet, composer Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen (the guy behind electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup) have been pooling their musical skills together over the past year. Their efforts have proven more than fruitful with the release of Burnt, an enrapturing track that heralds a new LP, due to hit the shelves on October 27th via Erased Tapes Records (pre-order here).

As Kiasmos, the pair explore their love of minimal builds for maximal effect. Delicate piano and heavenly swells floats above the thick kicks that form the base of a driving 4/4 beat. From the Erased Tapes bio, “a majority of the album was recorded using acoustic instruments next to a variety of synthesisers, drum machines and tape delays”. Though they have both been dabbling in this project since 2009, this year was the one in which they decided to dedicate their time to knuckle down and produce together. The result is a piece which starts as a showery drizzle of sound that grows to torrential levels, a breathtaking display of noise. This should be good.

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Norberg Festival


Norberg, Sweden: July 24-26th 2014

I’m no stranger to festivals. This year alone I’m headed to six in the UK, but I’ve yet to pop my international festival cherry. For most people, this involves a trip down to temperate Croatian climes for Dimensions or Outlook, or to the sun-soaked week-long party of Benicàssim – though how you can survive in a tent in either of those places is a mystery to me.

No, for my first international festival experience, I want to journey on up to Sweden. Specifically, to NORBERGFESTIVAL. The lineup for its fifteenth year features a wealth of talented producers, whose work spans heavy techno right through to ambient/experimental electronica (short playlist linked below). Eomac, one half of Lakker (covered here) is set to showcase his work alongside the likes of Ancient MethodsRob Clouth, Holly Hernanden (as one half of duo K回iro) and a whole load more.

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REVIEW: Wolke – All The Pictures Will Be Gone

Wolke - All The Pictures Will Be Gone

A glimmering and spacious début LP from Wolke,
who takes you by the hand on an intimate sonic journey.

To continue with my love affair with Abandon Building Records – given the three to four posts on artists associated with them – I’d like to draw deserved attention to the work of Fabrizio Cacciamali,  who produces under the moniker Wolke.

His recently released début album (All The Pictures Will Be Gone), is a piece steeped in warm nostalgia, resplendent with intricate detail and an infatuating charm. In it, he blends calm ambiance with restless movement, perhaps reflecting those little pockets of reflective sanctuary in our hectic modern lives.

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